December 9-10, 2016, Moscow
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New VAPEXPO! December 9-10, MOSCOW


Large platform, foreign participants, additional activities, shiny mech mods and traditional Cloud Contest: on the 9-10 of December 2016 Moscow will host a new VAPEXPO - third international exhibition and conference devoted to electronic evaporators and hookahs.

In large measure, it has become possible thanks to the huge interest displayed by the first visitors of the exhibition. Reconnaissance in strength was successful: foreign speakers came home and turned on the jungle telegraph, praising VAPEXPO, that is why exhibitors are frantically preparing parties with new products and book places on the next event.

You’ll see american tunings, French mech mods, Italian liquids and master classes.

See you at VAPEXPO on the 24-25 of June!

Opening hours

FRI.   June 24, 2016  11:00 AM-7:00 PM
SAT.  June 25, 2016  11:00 AM-8:00 PM


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How To Reach The Venue


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ECC “Sokolniki”, pavilion 4
5-iy Luchevoy prosek, 7/1
Moscow, Russia
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