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10 e-juices with flavors you’ve never tried

Tasted all possible e-juices and think nothing in the world will surprise you? We are sure this list contains one or two flavors you couldn’t even imagine. 

1. Beer

An unusual and unique taste of root beer for true fans. Its slight refreshing aftertaste reminds a gulp of a cool hopped drink. However, it has a specific aroma and aftertaste. 

2. Pizza

Only true pizza fans or beginners will dare to try this amazingly crazy taste . This flavor will not necessarily please everybody since it’s not easy to produce the natural aroma of a fresh Italian dish. Long-lasting vaping is not expected, but it’s worth trying.  

3. Crab legs

Some gourmets claims this taste to be rich and flavorful like seafood with sauce and a lemon. For others, it recalls a stranded crab. In any case, this e-juice definitely won’t meet everyone’s preference. As it has a specific fish aroma, you had better not vape it before a date.

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4. Kvass

On a hot day, cool kvass is on fleek. No drink nearby? Here is an e-juice with a kvass-flavored taste: clean, refreshing and rich as in summer. 

5. Conifer

Coming from Siberia, this e-juice presents a taste and aroma of natural resinous and thick conifer. By the way, it’s a perfect choice not for celebrating New Year holidays only (for the record, a taste of tangerine and conifer is available). This flavor is a perfect cooler so vape it in summer. 

6. Potato

Guess a country of its origin and production. Right you are – Belarus! Local e-liquid manufacturers decided to make an unusual e-juice out of the colorful national product. What they’ve got is not just a raw potato but real baked potato with butter and greens. 

7. Cannabis

Sure, cannabis is known for the effects it produces, not a taste. It’s based on a CBD extract, legal cannabis with no hallucinogenic effect. According to scientists, CBD has a positive impact on an organism boosting concentration and thought clarity. What is the most important: unlike the original, this e-liquid is completely legal and on sale. 

8. Hawthorn 

According to the manufacturer, this flavor had been created before a TV presenter Dmitry Kiselyov compared vaping with intake of a well-known tincture. He warned not to drink this e-liquid! The flavor is supposed to recall the taste of granny’s tea with hawthorn. 

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9. Red Bull

Fans of a rich and bright taste with a sour note of an energy drink will appreciate it. Some may find this flavor a bit chemical but all in all a lot of people like it. A lemon hint produces a refreshing feeling.   

10. Champagne 

This e-liquid presents an amazingly thick and sweet aroma of a festive drink. You will get a refreshing feeling that recalls a drop of champagne right from the fridge. Tastes well in summer and winter. 

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