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6 Ways Display Stands Can be Used to Increase Sales
6 Ways Display Stands Can be Used to Increase Sales

Display stands can do a lot for a business. The proof is in the fact that you cannot go into many businesses without seeing some form of either advertising or informing. Other businesses know the power that display stands provide. Here’s six ways of how you can use display stands to increase your sales.

  1. Highlight a Particular Brand to Sell It More Quickly

A well-designed display stand can help to highlight a specific brand to potential customers. For example, if you have stock you’re trying to get rid of, display advertising that can help the product to stand out from similar ones.

In fact, you can place that brand in front and centre by using outside displays, as well as indoor displays. By putting the image of the brand in the mind of potential customers, that brand may actually become your top performer going forward.

  1. Bring New People in with Outside or Window Displays

Outside or window display stands can attract the eye of passers-by. Outside advertising can cost a lot, but not so much if you use display stands to do it. Let potential customers know that there’s a sale or a promotion occurring at the moment. Show them what you have inside.

You can also advertise things outside that people may not even know you sell. No matter what you do, using a stand to alert people to your presence can definitely increase your sales.

  1. Go Digital and Interactive to Increase Engagement

Adding a display stand with a tablet can help to increase engagement with the people interested in your product. It will give them a dedicated place to go through their options or see more about your products or services.

An interactive display can make the difference between someone browsing your merchandise, and someone making an actual purchase. It will depend on how you make use of the tool. However, just having a digital catalogue of your current stock can help.

  1. Upsell Specific Products by Showing Them Off with a Display

You may have some more expensive items that aren’t seemed to have a lot of sales. You can use display stands to upsell those products.

A more ornate display can show exactly why the product costs a little more. Placing this item where people will see it can help it to stand out and draw attention. Pointing it out can give people the idea that it’s worth a purchase.

You can also use this method to upsell product bundles. For example, if you have inventory that’s not moving, adding those items alongside other items can help to draw attention to them. For instance, you can advertise a pricier item, and offer a non-selling one for a discounted price right along beside it.

  1. Point-of-Purchase Displays Can Help You Sell Smaller Items Quickly

Convincing people to make an additional purchase right when they’re done shopping is something of an art form. Display stands can help to make that happen. Point-of-purchase displays are perfect for impulse purchases. You can use them to sell your smaller items and increase sales of them immensely.

Point-of-purchase displays can work especially well if you tend to have lines that build up at the point of sale. People will have the time to see the displays and the product without feeling rushed.

  1. Help People Find Exactly What They’re Looking For

If people cannot find what they’re looking for, they can become frustrated and leave. Otherwise, they can take up the time of staff or personnel. Sales can drop off directly because of that scenario. By contrast, display stand signage with useful suggestions or information can help direct customers to exactly what they want.

Conversely, you can use stands to direct people exactly where you want them to go. In either case, you will see sales increase in direct correlation to how much you allow people to help themselves without any frustration.

As a marketing tool, there’s a lot more you can do with display stands, but you need to work with a good stand company. There’s a tremendous amount of stand designs and configurations.

So, you may have to take some time to figure out which stand and stand placement will work best for your business. A professional stand company can help you to figure it out.

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