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Aim-9 RDA by Asvape – low-end RDA with decent specifications

Asvape decided to release new products in several price segments and presented a premium-class mod Lucifer and a low-end RDA Aim-9, which we will discuss now.

When looking at the RDA, you won’t say it belongs to a low-end class, as it looks great. Smooth surface of golden, steel or black color with high-quality manufacturer’s logo engraved on the case really impress.

It has unusual diameter of 23.8 mm. The base is made of brass and is gold-plated, which will improve conductivity.

The device has bottom airflow system, regulated by turning a case skirt. However, the skirt can be turned to 3600, which can cause certain difficulties when removing the RDA from the mod. Airflow inlets are designed for double coils.

RDA is compatible only with the drip tip included into the kit.

Aim-9 RDA by Asvape is a dripping atomizer that has certain disadvantages, but still advantages prevail. In addition, one shouldn’t forget that the novelty belongs to a low-end category, still showing decent efficiency.

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