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Bigfog Click Kit – a portable vape lighter

Bigfog made bold to create the most compact and coolest device. Say hello to a stealth kit Click. Namely this device is the topic of this article.

Its design looks like a Zippo lighter of bigger size. Still, there are some limits of the compactness of stealth devices. All other elements are Zippo carbon copies: it has a top cap opened in the same way. Inside, vapers will find a drip tip and a wheel like… right you are! – in a legendary lighter. Of course, it has another function.

Only one body color is available – black. Instead, vapers can choose among three colors of the logo that beautifies the e-device. A silicon plug prevents dust from falling into the hole.

The atomizer is removable. Thus, vapers can fill it with their own e-juices not buying new cartridges.

Below the whole construction, there is a power source – 1100 mA/h battery. It is charged with a USB port.

Indeed, Click Kit by Bigfog is a mini-kit you can carry here, there, and everywhere.

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