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Blazer 80 by Cigreat/Sense: strikes the eye

Sense jointly with Cigreat have successfully produced several devices which made users happy and rivals – envious. They have recently manufactured a box mod Blazer 80 which we are going to speak about.

The developers have done great work while creating its interface – the lower part looks very unusually making it similar to a hairdryer.

We know from the experience that Blazer mod board works well, so it is logical that Blazer 80 isn’t worse. Maximum power capacity is obviously 80 W, resistance range is 0.2-3 Ohm.

The mod has 18650 batteries and is charged via microUSB. The manufacturer hasn’t informed about the opportunity of firmware upgrade yet.

Blazer 80 by Cigreat/Sense left us with great impressions. We hope that the companies will continue working together and gladden vapers with their developments.

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