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What to do if the atomizer resistance is fluctuating?

Any self-respecting vaper from time to time experiments with their device in the name of the God of Curiosity, who instead of prayers wants answers to the question What would happen if?.. In this search users face the fact that the atomizer resistance starts to change rapidly. However, it can change, even if you don’t do anything crazy with the device. So what’s the reason?

Atomizer resistance as an indicator

Atomizer resistance is one of the standard parameters of any mode, along with output power and voltage. In fact, this value is calculated by a very simple, but very important law of physics - Ohm's law: current through a conductor between two points is proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance. That’s in fancy words, and to put it simply - atomizer resistance is equal to the voltage in the mode (volts), divided by the current (ampere).

On the box, manufacturers usually state the ​​indicator thresholds. This means that if you set a certain voltage with a certain current - their ratio will be beyond the limits and then your coil (together with the mod) will be broken.

To prevent this, carefully calculate the ratio and select the appropriate winding. You can use a regular calculator and a special coil calculator as well.


What to do if the atomizer resistance is fluctuating?


Reasons for the fluctuations

You would think that according to Ohm's law, everything should work clearly and smoothly, but somehow during the inhales, atomizer resistance goes from 1.6 to 2 ohms, then - 0.8 ohms. There may be different reasons for this, for example:

  • The coil ends are screwed not tightly enough.
  • Unreliable atomizer and mod connection.
  • Damaged or defective device board.
  • Wrongly calculated resistance (as mentioned in the first section).

Although this is obvious, but we recommend checking the fourth point. It's like with the manual to any device: are you sure you plugged it in? Same here: first you need to check the resistance of the coil installed in the device, which can be done with a tester, an ohmmeter or a multimeter. If the device showed no error, keep looking for the problem. More precisely, go back to item one.

Disassemble the device, reinstall the coil and now really fix the ends with screws. Inhale. If everything is OK and the atomizer resistance is no longer changing - congratulations. If not - go to item number two.

This kind of malfunction occurs when either the atomizer has a very short contact, or the contact in the mod is somehow pressed. Just in case, you should check the connector type compatibility. Just in case…

If after checking, the vaporizer resistance in the device continues to fluctuate, then there’s something wrong with the board. And you can’t do anything about it yourself (unless you're a radio technician or a specialist in microelectronics, of course). You’ll have to give the device for someone to fix.

But we believe that everything turned out to be simple. And to increase your vaping skills come to VAPEXPO Moscow 2018. By the way, tickets are available at special prices, for now.

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