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Crius Mech Mod –the first mod by Coil Master

In vape community, Coil Master is a world-class manufacturer of various accessories for vaping devices: coils, cases, vape bands, etc. Recently, the team has been developing atomizers and hardware. Nowadays, the company assortment includes several atties as well as new Coil Master Crius Mech Mod.

The design looks brilliant. The first mechanical mod is so successful! It’s unbelievable! Some fans can call the mod too posh. Still, this solution is way better than the usual design of all other devices.

The flavor of the new mod is a golden ring encircling the burgundy body. The upper and lower decks are of same thickness making the design complete. All the details are made of golden brass.

The construction features a hybrid connector with a couple of circle engrailments. The serviced platform allows a great feel in the hand due to a comfortable size. Exhaust holes are placed along the edges of the firing button.

Technical specifications:

  • dimensions – 87.5 mm;
  • diameter – 24 mm;
  • weight – 103 g;
  • material – brass;
  • charging – 18650;
  • 510 connector.

The mod costs $46.

Find out more at VAPEXPO MOSCOW 2017!


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