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Double Barrel 2.1 by Squid Industries: double-barreled mod

Squid Industries produces products focusing on experienced vapers. Today we are going to talk about its novelty: Double Barrel 2.1 box mod, an upgraded version of Double Barrel. It is worth mentioning that its development has involved the veteran of the US Navy.

Gadget design is really impressive: it is not a simple box containing a board and batteries but rather a unique box similar to a double-barrel gun with the name saying it all. The device is available in two color options: black and steel.

The mod is equipped with the simplest board, providing basic functions: output settings (5-150 W) and some kind of protection. It is controlled by a single button, allowing to switch on the mod by pressing and to adjust the output by turning clockwise and counterclockwise.

The atomizer resistance is 0.1–3 Ohm.

It is obvious from design that the device is powered by two 18650 batteries. It has a snap-fit top cap. The body is equipped with holes for batteries and board ventilation.

Double Barrel 2.1 by Squid Industries is a mod for those looking for original design and being able to sacrifice technical features. From the other hand, even though the box mod does not have mega-functions, it is made by American manufacturers, which is a key aspect for many vapers. By the way, it costs $90.

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