Coil Building Guide
Coil Building Guide

The way of wrapping an atomizer coil directly influences vapor quality and flavor. Beginning vapers usually use readymade coils but seasoned vapers prefer making everything on their own.

So why do vapers bother with coils if you can buy readymade items?

How to Wrap an Atomizer Coil

First, this is cost-efficient. Second, you can wrap an original coil not available for sale. Third, in order to choose materials with required characteristics on your own.

To build an atomizer coil, you will need:

  • wire with high resistivity (nichrome, kanthal, stainless steel, nickel, titanium);

  • frame for wrapping;

  • pliers, nippers, screwdriver;

  • wick material.

Cotton, wipes, and ohmmeter will also come in handy. You will have to wrap coils one or two times per week depending on how often and intensively you use the mod. Evaporation of e-liquid leads to the build-up of carbon deposit, which some vapers remove by burning but this method may lead to coil deformation, so it is preferable to wrap a new one.

How to wrap an atomizer coil and stages of the process:

  • wrapping a coil or several coils;

  • mounting on the atomizer;

  • firing;

  • threading the wick.

Ways of correct atomizer coil building

Ways of Correct Coil Wrapping

There are several types of coil builds, which differ by complexity and consequently by performance.

  1. Micro coil. An ordinary coil with loops sitting close to each other. It has a big heating area and generates much vapor. A more sophisticated variant of this type is a parallel coil build, where two wires made of different materials are used to increase the amount of produced vapor.

  2. Space coil. This type differs from the previous one by free space between loops. This build is considered to be the simplest and thus the most popular.

  3. Twisted coil. This type of coil is made of several twisted wires. A big heating area amplifies flavor characteristics of vapor.

  4. Art builds. Beautiful, efficient, but rather difficult to make. It takes much time to wrap them but the result is worth the effort. Usually, such builds are used by experienced vapers but even beginners can try to wrap one of them by thoroughly following the instructions.

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