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How can vapers kill the time? Top vaping portals according to VAPEXPO

How can vapers kill the time? Top vaping portals according to VAPEXPO

Where to find the latest news about vaping? What resources do vapers hang out with? Stop googling! We have already done it for you and selected top specialized mass media and vape bloggers’ YouTube channels collecting millions of views.

Top mass media

Vapouround Magazine is a real Esquire for vapers. The magazine provides reviews of novelties, covers international vape events, legislative changes etc. It is issued monthly in printed form and distributed among UK specialized exhibitions and vape shops.

How can CIS citizens obtain it? They will hardly get a printed version. However, there are great news: all editions are available on the magazine website. Therefore, it is quite popular not only in the UK but also in other 20 countries.

By the way, not only will Vapouround Magazine allow you to keep up with all of vaping stuff, but it will also help you to improve your English!

Vapenews is a multi-faceted online portal dedicated to vaping, providing news, author’s posts from registered users and corporate blogs of vape companies. It is one of the CIS largest and readable vaping resources.

Due to the vast reach, vape manufacturers gladly cooperate with it. Thus if you carefully monitor fresh publications, you will definitely find discounts, coupons or promotion codes for vaping products.

Vape Regard is one more major news vape resource. It boasts excellent usability. You will easily find the thing you need: general vaping news and reviews of devices or special offers and discounts from portal’s partner companies.

Vape Novosti is a convenient website, allowing you to discover required information not only about vaping but also about hookahs (why not?). Those preferring as less extra information as possible will like it: material has nothing in excess. From the other hand, there are no promo codes as well.

Top forums

Ecigtalk is an endless forum for old school vapers. Everything is conventional: columns, topics, rooms and emoticons similar to ICQ’s. Nevertheless, don’t be confused about an old style: you will find here such life hacks from experienced vapers that vape bloggers could not even imagine.

Belarus Vaping Community is more like a vape bulletin board than a forum, but if one reads carefully, everything will become clear. By the way, the name suggests that it is a vape forum. However, it is available for everyone interested and takes pride of place in our top list.

Radio Vape is Russia’s first online radio! Why should one read letters if it is possible to listen to words? The resource broadcasts music, vaping advertising and vape news. Moreover, there are text publications for those preferring to grasp information visually. The project initially refers itself to as a vape community. Thus, we have added it to the top forums.

Vkontakte top groups

ВЕЙП/VAPE is a Vkontakte public page with 111 112 subscribers. Although the social network search engine shows it on the second place, we have included this page to the top list. The group actively interacts with the audience: every post engages subscribers in chat, so it always offers something interesting. However, be careful: if you are stuck in the group, you are risking to wake up by 2025. (Preparing the rating, I entered the group and broke all deadlines of the article. – Ed.).

VAPE BUNKER is another public page with 81 440 followers, making you lose count of time (especially due to its unique hashtag: #memes@vapebunker). Say no more!

Vape Alliance is an official group of the community of world’s vapers. It involves not only enthusiastic vapers amounting to 26 thousand people but also top bloggers (see below). Therefore, it posts video reviews earlier than other public pages.

Top bloggers and YouTube channels

Without further ado, here’s a list of top bloggers and YouTube channels with links and the number of subscribers. Viewing at least one video on each channel from this list is a must. And whether to subscribe or give it a like is totally your decision.

Bonus top

As a bonus top, we propose… VAPEXPO. I bet you thought that our editors lack modesty. Banter aside, the network of subscribers is about 15 thousand people, which is pretty impressive. We aren’t eager to be included in the top list of publishers but keep track of the vape industry development with due diligence. For that matter, we also take part in its development by holding large-scale vape exhibitions. By the way, this makes newsworthy events for the resources with the highest rates.

Still aside these 15 thousand? Then, subscribe to VAPEXPO or make things even better by coming to Sokolniki ECC on December 8-10 and see with your own eyes how VAPEXPO makes what we call a sensation.

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