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Genesis, Atty, and ProVape: Vaping Glossary

Genesis, Atty, and ProVape: Vaping Glossary

Like any honorable subcultures, vaping has its own terms, which far from everybody can understand. Let’s examine a small glossary useful to those desiring to be in-the-know.

ATTY, or atomizer, is an evaporation system of any vaping device. It is a model transforming liquid into vapor.

BURNT TASTE means distasteful and bitter vapor that can occur during vaping. It happens when the wick is dried out or in case of using poor-capacity devices.

GENESIS ATOMIZER is a type of atomizer (see ATTY) where the vapor chamber is above or under the e-liquid bottle. The basic element is a steel mesh instead of the wick.

DECK is a separate part of the atomizer base where coils and the wick are placed.

SEMI-REBUILDABLE ATOMIZER is an atomizer with the replaceable head similar to BBC, BDC, or others. Some of them can be rebuilt in order to turn clearomizers into rebuildable atomizers.

PROVAPE: 1) a manufacturer of ProVari battery mods from the USA, which is currently absent on the market; 2) a well-known group of vapers on the VK social network.

AFC, or Airflow Control, is an atomizer system allowing to change the intensity of coil airflow.

AIO, or All in One, means a vapor device system consisting of the closed and irreplaceable system ‘battery block + atomizer’. For example, POD systems.

BVC, or Bottom Vertical Coil, is a type of the head with the vertical coil that helps to produce lots of vapor. This replaceable part is designed for semi-rebuildable clearomizers.

DNA is popular boards and individual chips by US-based Evolv. They are installed in many battery mods produced by various companies. They allow changing a lot of parameters using Evolv EScribe utility software.

DTL, or Direct To Lung, is a characteristic of atomizers or replaceable heads enabling free inhaling.

ECF – e-cigarette-forum.com – means the oldest and well-known English forum dedicated to vaping devices and vape culture.

FUCHAI is a trademark used by Sigelei (a reputed Chinese manufacturer of battery mods) to issue certain products.

ICR is a lithium ion cobalt rechargeable battery. The majority of batteries are based on this popular technology.

IMR, or LMO, means lithium ion manganese rechargeable battery. It is the safest chemistry type applied in unprotected batteries with the high current output.

INR, or NMC, is a manganese and nickel lithium-ion battery. It features high protection, low manganese resistance, and huge capacity of nickel. It is appropriate for unprotected mech mods.

MTL, or Mouth To Lung, is a characteristic of atomizers enabling the conventional cigarette inhale.

PEEK, or PAEK, is polyetheretherketone and polyaryletherketone, popular polyetheretherketone tar plastics. They are characterized by high temperature and chemical resistance. These plastics are applied in various industries, including healthcare and aircraft engineering. The vape industry produces atomizer contacts out of these materials.

PEI, or polyetherimide, is high-tenacity and hard thermoplastic plastics. It sustains great temperature intervals (from -70 to 180 °C), scarcely catches fire, and hardly loses shape. It is utilized in insulators, flasks, and drip tips.

POM, or formaldehyde polymer (polyformaldehyde, polyacetal, delrin resin), is plastics with melting temperature of about 180 °C. It is solid, tough, and damage tolerant. Being non-hazardous, the material is used in food equipment and healthcare. The vaping sector uses it to produce drip tips for atomizers.

RESIN means all materials, which are solid under standard conditions and soft with rising temperature. For instance, phenolformaldehyde resins applied in drip tips.

SWEETSPOT implies a perfect adjustment of the device for a certain user.

YIHI is chips by Yihi Electronic Co from China. A lot of popular brands equip their products with these boards.

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