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Hot vape vacation: legal vaping on vacation

Where to go in summer to let your hair down and continue vaping? Read the article to find out which countries impose a ban on vapers and how to transfer your device on a plane. 

Place vapers had better not visit 

You are unlikely to face any considerable limits on mods in most of the countries. However, remember about some tourist destinations where vaping is not welcomed at all. If limits are not OK for you, just say goodbye to these countries.  


 All-inclusive, warm welcome, but there are strict regulations of mods. The Turkish government is fighting very hard with smoking, including vaping e-devices. At hotels, they are allowed at specially designed areas. It’s up to you to decide whether this country is worth visiting.  


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Cannot do without your favorite device? Then, this country is definitely not your choice. Exotic vacation implies no smoking: mods import on the territory of Thailand is strictly prohibited, any attempt entails confiscation and imposing a fine. Moreover, vaping here falls under criminal responsibility. Are you ready to contemplate local exotica instead of vaping your favorite e-cig? 

The United Arab Emirates

Vaping is in this country’s black books. You cannot bring vape devices and e-juices since they are likely to be confiscated right at the airport. However, mods are available on Internet shops. You may vape but be careful – find specially designed areas.


The country is famous for traditions that appear unusual for foreigners. However, nothing new in terms of vaping rules. The situation is pretty unfavorable for vape fans. Only aged 20+ can buy any products for smoking, nicotine e-liquids are prohibited (unless you have a doctor’s prescription) while non-nicotine ones are difficult to find.  


You can neither bring nor vape in this country! Australian laws are harsh so if you want to see a kangaroo, a zoo will be a better idea. Or else, forget about vaping during all the vacation. Such an awful prospect! Greece has the same regulations. So, Ibiza would be a better place to paint the town red!  
Other countries offer not very attractive conditions: somewhere you cannot vape at specially designed areas, in another place you will not be able to buy a nicotine liquid, but on the whole vaping will be allowed. Before going on vacation, mind all the nuances and then go for it, vape and rock out! If not during vacation, where? 
Enjoy beach parties? Don’t forget about safety rules, take your mod away from the sun. If vaping alongshore is allowed, ask people around whether it’s OK to vape near them – be polite. 

How to transfer a mod and vape it on a plane 

Remember the following: carrying of mods in baggage is strongly prohibited because such devices can overheat and burst out. Maximum 5 mods can be carried in hand luggage. Extra ones need to be taxed. 

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You can take e-juices under the following conditions: 

• <100 ml of each bottle, <1 liter of gross volume; 

• dense and transparent package.

According to the legislation, vaping on a plane is not prohibited. However, airline companies initiate this restriction so that passengers are not surprised by vapor and other people do not smoke. In brief, do not wait to vape while contemplating breathtaking views through a porthole. Besides, fire safety rules prohibit charging of your gadget. 

Among all popular airline companies, only Irish Ryanair is loyal to vaping. 

Before going on vacation to some country, learn all the legislative nuances considering vaping. Think twice before risking your favorite hobby (or even worse – getting in trouble with the law). The most rocking party isn’t that cool without vaping. 

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