a ticket

Wanna giveaways? Come to VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 and put your hands up in the air!

It is giveaway time! From 9 to 10 December, VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 exhibitors will heap gifts on you!

Want to get a present off-the-cuff, without participating in drawings or contests? Stay closer to the main stage of the event and hit the jackpot!

During the breaks between the contests, manufacturers will take the stage in order to endow VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 guests with e-liquids, merchandise and other vaping goodies.

We guarantee that you won't leave empty-handed… if you could reach up the most!

Come to VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 and get your giveaway!

Industry news
Vape, May, Relax! Holiday price for tickets to VAPEXPO Moscow 2018
Add into your May plans not only BBQ but also the purchase of tickets to VAPEXPO Moscow 2018! Buy a Business ticket from 1 to 4 of May and receive the second one as a gift!     
Mind-blowing show at VAPEXPO Moscow 2018: come, get cash and pad your pockets with freebie!
On June 8 and 9, a large-scale vaping event VAPEXPO Moscow 2018 will be held at the Sokolniki ECC. You’ll enjoy traditional and new contests, providing a lot of fan and a mood for the whole year.
VAPEXPO MOSCOW Awards 2018: apply for participation at the exhibition – be listed among top vape brands
Your company is a beginner on the vaping market and needs to make a name? Or you are a vaping business shark striving to attract even more clients? Well, fill in the application form to become a participant of VAPEXPO MOSCOW Awards, get an award and be recognized as the most demanded manufacturer of e-devices!
B2B day at VAPEXPO Moscow 2018: no show, just business!
There will be a B2B day at VAPEXPO Moscow 2018 on June 8! It will be dedicated exclusively to business communication and networking.