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How did 9 December go at VAPEXPO Moscow 2016

On December 9-10, 2016, Sokolniki ECC in Moscow hosted the fourth international exhibition and conference VAPEXPO 2016. The event became a part of a series of vape events organized by Smile-Expo exhibition company, dedicated to the industry of electronic anti-tobacco inhalers. B2B conference, exhibition and show were held simultaneously in three pavilions.

The event was held under the support of Godfather Co, Liquid Guys Distribution, Orion, GILLA, SOSTAV, Local Vape and other brands.

VAPEXPO 2016 Stats

VAPEXPO 2016 в цифрах

250 participants (90 more compared to the summer VAPEXPO)

10 000 attendees (3 000 more than in summer)


Industry b2b conference VAPEXPO involved leading experts of the vape industry. Attendees have learned:

  • that nearly 70% of all sales are generated by e-liquids. Such info was presented by a Managing Partner of GooVape brand Alexandr Chuprun. His report was dedicated to offline and online advertising campaigns in the vape industry. He also told how to lose profit, or rather how to avoid it;
  • pros and cons of franchising, drop shipping and distribution. This topic was covered by Andrey Shvaibovich and Nikolay Kuznetsov, Directors of departments at VAPE.RU and experts in promotion;
  • 56% of total e-cig market is accrue to the USA, as well as how WHO suggests to regulate vape market – from the reports on vape industry regulation, by the representative of GNU VNIITTI RAA Evgeniya Gnuchikh and founder of Viva la Cloud information portal Alexey Nemchik;
  • about methods of b2c communications in the vape industry, provided by co-founders of URBN Ilya Kalinin and Anton Chupin within their topic “Marketing communications”;
  • what does “convenient” supplier mean and how to find him – after the report of Orion Business Development Director Aleksandr Dyakov on setting efficient distribution of vape products in current conditions;
  • about the influence of price policy on vape industry customers, legislative classification of vape products in different countries, results of surveys concerning vape culture, as well as about a host of other things – from an interactive presentation of Georgij Grebinskij, Analyst of Eastern European vape markets.


Manufacturers of e-liquids and devices from Europe, the US and Asia did a good job in order to impress vapers with devices, e-liquids, gifts and their own shows. You can look how it was in the “Photo” section at, as well as in VAPEXPO group in Vkontakte.


The first number on the program was BMX Show from FOG PRO. Magnificent tricks with BMX inflamed the audience before the further contests.

In charge of positive emotions and drive were DJ Mad Limp and rousing МС Max Larionov, known for the first “Fitness rave” and “Unlimited unleashed” events from Nike.

One of the main events on the 9th of December was a workshop on eJuice mixing from leading mixologist of E-Liquid Lab Juriy Vishnevskiy. Being an author of the recipes of several e-liquid lines, he shared his experience in the creation of DIY juices and told about delicious and poor flavor combinations.

Under the support of Vape Russia there was the first Cloud Contest (Female Qualification). Its jury panel included industry guru and popular vape blogger Mihey Medvedev, author of CLOUDY MONKEY channel Alexander Plakidin, representative of SMOK - leading brand on device production – Elaine Tang, representative of SMOKE KITCHEN Victoria Berezina, as well as well-known vape blogger in CIS Alex from VapersMD. They chose three winners, who got prizes from sponsors.

The main winner is Marisha Lonely Rocked – she got a new line of liquids from SMOKE KITCHEN and a cool Alien Kit by SMOK.

Rap Battle

Vapers have also highly appreciated participants of Rap Battle, organized under the support of RAP.RU. All the performances were great, but the best one was Max MF (Maxim Olitskiy) from Belarus. He received $1000 and congratulations from a legendary rapper Basta, who judged the battle.

For the first time on VAPEXPO stage there was a performance of a top team Trick Star Gang, which triggered the pavilion with unlimited energy. Vape Tricks Show audience was able to enjoy fascinating variations of rings, fancy figures and waterfalls.

Vape Tricks Battle has licked all creation: every participant was amazing. And the winner of the contest, as well as the proud owner of another $1000, a new line of SMOKE KITCHEN liquids and Subzero mechanical mod from Sub Ohm Innovation, became a member of trick team CLOUDFUCKERS – Quan Ngo.

Jury panel included mentioned above Mihey Medvedev and Alex from VapersMD, as well as founder of vape community and trick expert Vladimir Kotov, author of the most provocative YouTube vape channel {Do0dKING} Nikita Kolesnikov and actor of this very channel Alexandr Krasnov.

Meanwhile, the FIFA Championship was held on a separate stage Vardex. It was commented by famous Vasiliy Utkin.

Read the overall results of VAPEXPO 2016 in Moscow in the next article.

Industry news
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