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How to make an e-liquid. Recommendations by Alp Liq

We have recently published an article about the essential things to know for beginning mixologists. In this one, we will share the secrets of making an e-liquid by a French and Swiss e-juice manufacturer Alp Liq.

Right after the release of the review on the premium line Alp Liq Collection, we fully realized the team’s mastery. That is why it would not hurt to use their recommendations.

Handmade e-liquid

Let’s move backwards to the basics. Wanna make a handmade e-liquid? First, prepare a set for a do-it-yourself juice: 6 and 10 ml bottles, droppers, aromas, nicotine, glycerin, and propylene glycol.

The last two mentioned ingredients define the taste richness and vapor density so manufacturers specify their proportion on the package: 80/20, 70/30, 50/50. Wanna more vapor? Add more glycerin. Wanna perfect taste experience? Drop more propylene glycol. Wanna happy medium? Take similar portions of each ingredient.

When boiling an e-liquid, follow the next sequence: propylene glycol – nicotine – glycerin – aroma. Let the e-liquid infuse for 1-2 days. However, Innevape Founder who created Heisenberg Mentol (listed in top 5 global best tastes and top-selling in China in 2016) advises to give it 1-2 months.

If making do-it-yourself e-liquids drives a strong lasting interest in you, buy a specially designed boiling device for homemade e-liquids.

Recommendations by Alp Liq on making a homemade e-liquid

At VAPEXPO in Kyiv, the company presented the DIY line with two bases and 26 aromas.

Ready bases are very time-saving for making a handmade e-liquid since they contain the needed portions of glycerin and propylene glycol. For example, Alp Liq BASE is designed for non-nicotine e-liquids. For the nicotine one, use Alp Liq NIC BOOST containing 20 mg/ml of this substance.

Alp Liq AROMAS DIY are ones with various tastes: from tobacco to dessert. By the way, to make an e-liquid, you can use several aromas at once – their mixing is possible and even welcomed.

So, the company offers the following proportions while producing do-it-yourself e-liquids*:

vapexpo moscow, вейп, Alp Liq, самозамес, жидкости для вейпа

The recommendations are provided for a 10 ml base. In case the prepared e-liquid is not rich enough, drop more aroma.

* 1 ml = 40 drops.

We regularly post articles about the mixology secrets and other vape lifehacks – just follow the VAPEXPO news!

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