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How to Choose the Best Vape Battery

How to Choose the Best Vape Battery

Super powerful or super tough? Current performance or capacity? The article explains what parameters should be taken into account when selecting the best vape batteries.

Vape battery characteristics

Vape battery

To figure out what vape batteries are the best, you should thoroughly examine their characteristics. Box mod owners appreciate safety and possibility to use the device for a long time without recharging. It is critical for the battery to be compatible with the gadget in terms of all the features. Otherwise, it can break down or poorly operate in the future.

Criteria for choosing vape batteries

  • Capacity. It is one of the key battery characteristics, as it affects the period of vaping without recharging. This indicator is measured in milliamps: the higher, the better.

  • Voltage. High rates of this criterion allows to provide the full current supply to mech mod atomizers. This rule will have the opposite effect in vapes with boards.

  • Current intensity. The higher figures, the more efficient the mod battery is. The nominal current prevents the battery from overheating.

  • Temperature. A poorly heating battery will serve much longer and will work more fruitful. This rule applies to any box mod.

Selecting the best vape battery, it is mistaken to rely on high figures of all criteria. There is no battery with maximum performance of all characteristics.

If a battery has a huge capacity, its current will be low, and vice versa. Well, how to choose an appropriate vape battery? What is the best in this case? We don’t have an unambiguous answer. All vapers select a battery according to their demands and preferences (and special aspects of their vapes).

Top vape batteries

Another important point is the product price and brand awareness. Cheap batteries by unknown manufacturers can fail to function in a month.

fake vape battery

Let’s figure out what vape batteries are superior based on several examples.

  • LG HE2. Capacity: 2500 mAh, current: 35 А. Lithium-ion battery, voltage ranges from 2.5V to 4.2V. Standard size, 18 mm diameter.

  • Samsung 25R. Capacity: 2500 mAh, current: 30 А. An option for mech mod and variable wattage mod lovers because of the high current performance. Lithium-ion battery equipped with a flat plus contact. Recharging time: five hours.

  • SONY VTC5. Capacity: 2600 mAh, current: 30 А. High-capacity and high-current battery. It copes with heavy load but does not have a protection board (thus, these batteries should be used in gadgets with the built-in board).

Defining the battery, you should take care of security during mode usage. Therefore, carefully monitor the battery temperature. To avoid overheating, you should choose a battery due to the current performance or use the low power while vaping.

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