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How to choose a vape device: a guide for beginners

An advanced device or a handy gadget for beginners? A rebuildable dripping atomizer or a tank atomizer? How to orientate yourself in the variety of devices for vaping and choose a good vape? 

Main parameters 

All modern vape devices work basing on a similar principle differing in wattage, vaporizer type, and additional settings. To decide which vape to choose in 2018, you should pay attention to the following parameters: 

How to choose a vape device: a guide for beginners - 1

• Mod. Battery unit that supplies power to the atomizer. There are mods with and without an electric chip. The second version is called a mechanical mod and is mainly intended for advanced users. 

• Battery capacity influences the time of vaping without a recharge. The optimal capacity depends on the intensity of vape usage during the day. 

• Temperature controller. The control of the level of coil heating is important for safe vaping. Temperature controller increases the lifetime of the device, allows setting up the temperature that will help to achieve the best flavor and vapor density, and protects the device against overheating. 

• Tank or atomizer consists of the liquid reservoir and a vaporizing element. 

Atomizers are divided into rebuildable and non-rebuildable. Beginners that do not know which vape to choose will find non-rebuildable atomizers a simple and convenient option. They do not require changing the coils on your own. All you have to do is to change vaporizing elements on time. A rebuildable atomizer requires specific skills, as a vaper has to wrap the wire on his own, influencing the final resistance. 

Which vape to choose and types of gadgets 

Apart from maintenance parameters, atomizers differ by reservoirs for liquid. 

How to choose a vape device: a guide for beginners - 2

• Dripper or dripping atomizer does not have a reservoir for liquid. It is compact, but not very convenient, as you need to drip the liquid during vaping. 

• Cartomizer. A replaceable cartridge for vaping combined with the atomizer. It provides thicker and more intensive vapor. 

• Tank atomizer. An advanced cartomizer with a reservoir for liquid that contains a heating coil.

• Clearomizer. A transparent atomizer that allows controlling the e-liquid level. 

When deciding which vape to choose, have a closer look at the box mod. It must be compatible with the atomizer in terms of wattage and diameter. The recommended wattage starts from 100 W. A comfortable and practical option is to purchase a mod powered by two replaceable batteries.   

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