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Which brands will Vape Guys Distribution present? (vol.2)

We keep introducing you to brands that Vape Guys Distribution will present at their booth in the exhibition area of VAPEXPO Moscow 2018.

DripClub (The Milkman) – 1950s again in fashion

The Milkman premium e-liquids line was developed in Los Angeles by the founder of Vaping Rabbit Barbara Villegas. She found inspiration in the spirit of the US in 1950s.

In 2015, the Milkman hit the stage with branded packages and taste profiles that changed the industry forever:

  • Milkman Classics was the first line revealed in 2015 and quickly became a standard for dessert flavors. It continues maintaining this reputation even today thanks to unequalled flavor.
  • Milkman Delights goes beyond the boundaries of classic desserts in taste profiles that include confectionery products and ice cream.
  • Milkman Heritage was the most ambitious branding extension as the line plunged into the world of tobacco flavors.
  • Salt Milkman takes the best from what the company offers and presents the world’s first dessert e-liquid line based on nicotine salt.

Doozy Vape Co – premium e-juices from the UK

A family company headquartered in Yorkshire. Its founders had a simple dream – to develop a unique e-juice blend rich in flavor and not containing low-quality ingredients.

Doozy Vape Co has been a member of the vaping community for around 4 years. The company has found out that the UK is the best place to create new flavors. This is the reason why the company develops and produces all e-juices there.

Besides, lots of attention is paid to quality, so the blends do not contain unnecessary components and harmful substances. All e-juices are regularly tested at the laboratory regarding the compliance with the ISO 7 using the embedded GCMS to avoid harmful chemical substances in the e-juices.

Doozy offers a range of premium e-liquids that deploy only high-quality nicotine that complies with the pharmacopoeia and flavor agents from the US and EU independently of their price.

7 Daze

The brand was established in Los-Angeles in 2013 as an e-liquid manufacturer. Some of the best air and vapor analysis engineers as well as leading engineers of the food industry work for the company. Over the time of existence, the brand has been adhering to the following motto: “Give people what they want”.

7 Daze has its own manufacturing facility with the area of 4088 square meters in Southern California and wants to set a new standard in the vape industry. Its goal is to become the largest manufacturer in Southern California.

The company produces such lines as 7 Daze Original, Reds Apple E-juice, Magnetic Liquids, Drip Pops, Pink Sticks.

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