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Which squonk to choose? Five best mods

It is not a secret that squonk mods have a very simple and reliable design. RDA is used here as an atomizer, and liquid is supplied directly. There is no need to constantly add e-liquid, so vapers often choose squonk mods due to their convenience. Let’s talk about the best squonk mods with a unique design.

Hellion Mod by FrankenSkull

The FrankenSkull model of a squonk can’t help but attracting attention: bright body of the mod is filled with skull images. The design is impressive: the manufacturer offers both regular case and a case with slots. Vapers can also choose any color of the mod and buttons.

Which squonk to choose? Five best mods - 1
The Hellion Mod set includes two multi-colored reservoirs for e-liquid, stickers on batteries, which will be visible through the slots, and a case. Squonk is designed for one battery and about 7.5 ml of e-liquid.

31 Grammi by C&C Mods

31 Grammi squonk stands out from the rest of its competitors by offbeat. The case has several holes through which the battery can be seen. This allows you to decorate the mod according to your taste: use colored stickers and various designs.

Which squonk to choose? Five best mods - 2

Control button is located on the side of the device, which is quite unusual.

The mod runs on a single 18650 battery, and the bottle holds 7.5 ml of vaping liquid.

Lizard Komodo by Lizard Box Mods

This squonk is printed on a 3D printer, and has improved board DNA75c. The design of the Lizard Komodo is neutral, yet eye-catching: there is a lizard on the case, and screen and control buttons (color is to be selected: black, green, orange or steel) is on the side.

Which squonk to choose? Five best mods - 3

Compared with other squonks, Lizard Komodo is rather big; however, the e-liquid reservoir holds 8.5 ml.


This mod is also printed on a 3D printer. Although its design is fairly simple, BEEHIVE BF has an interesting presentation. It is a box in which has another box inside with honeycomb images. The color is to be chosen as well.

Which squonk to choose? Five best mods - 4

The device has a 8.5 ml e-liquid bottle and a 18650 battery.

VT inbox DNA 75 Squonk TC Box Mod by HCigar

VT inbox DNA 75 Squonk TC Box Mod is an updated version of the VT Inbox device. The main parameters of the mod are the same: 18650battery, aluminum case and the size of 83 × 54 × 25 mm.

Which squonk to choose? Five best mods - 5

However, the design was improved noticeably: the model has new panels of different colors and prints. The updated version also has pre-installed new Maze atomizer, version 1.1.

Learn more about squonk mods and other devices at VAPEXPO Moscow 2018.

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