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Which vape cotton is the best to choose?

If you have already found out which mod suits you best, which atomizer to use, which coils to buy, and how to choose a quality e-liquid, little work is left to do – deciding which cotton is better to use for vaping.

The first thing that comes to mind is ordinary cotton bought at a pharmacy. In case of urgency, when you cannot buy special cotton, you can give it a try. However, you should remember that it would be absorbing liquid and delivering flavor in a different manner.

The main rule says that vape cotton should be unsterilized and unbleached. Medical cotton becomes extra white after sterilization due to chloride that will influence the flavor. Vape cotton is usually of yellow color.

One of the main criteria for choosing vape cotton is material structure. It should be free of lumps, crisp a little when gripped. Good-quality cotton does not have short fibers, because only long-fibered cotton is used to produce it. Besides, the structure depends on the deployed fabric. The most widespread option is namely cotton.

Japanese vape cotton has managed to show itself as the highest-quality material to use in atomizers. You will not find it at pharmacies or beauty stores, but it is available in vape shops with wide assortment of products or can be ordered on the Internet. Well-known companies that produce Japanese cotton include Koh Gen Do and Cotton labo.

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