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Ilfumo to be Badge Sponsor of VAPEXPO Moscow

We would like to announce Badge Sponsor of VAPEXPO Moscow: Ilfumo!

Ilfumo is a major distributor of vaping devices and e-liquids from 127 Russian and 24 foreign manufacturers. Company’s well-known brands include Bestseller, Chew, Drinks, ЁLKA, Essen, ForRest, Maxwell’s, Old Story, Tea Time, The Game, Tiger’s Blood and Raketnoe toplivo (Rocket fuel). US e-juices called Yummy-Yummy is an exclusive thing for Russian vapers.

At the event, Ilfumo will present a revolutionary nicotine delivery system – NZT and its own new e-liquid lines.

Special features of the company is a creative approach to stand design at exhibitions as well as permanent contests and giveaways for vapers. Just imagine: the team has prepared a two-level stand with a lounge zone instead of the conventional one for summer VAPEXPO Moscow!

Do you wonder how the company will impress the winter vape exhibition? Register!

Industry news
Vaper’s lungs at VAPEXPO Moscow: set of e-juices for vaper with the strongest lungs
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Prizes for Unlimited Cloud Contest winners
Want to participate in the Unlimited Cloud Contest, but not sure whether the game is worth the candle? Your task is to register on December 10 at the registration desk near the main stage of the event and be ready for the battle at 14:00!
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Vapouround Magazine representatives to judge Vape Awards at VAPEXPO Moscow
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