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Ilfumo to be Badge Sponsor of VAPEXPO Moscow

We would like to announce Badge Sponsor of VAPEXPO Moscow: Ilfumo!

Ilfumo is a major distributor of vaping devices and e-liquids from 127 Russian and 24 foreign manufacturers. Company’s well-known brands include Bestseller, Chew, Drinks, ЁLKA, Essen, ForRest, Maxwell’s, Old Story, Tea Time, The Game, Tiger’s Blood and Raketnoe toplivo (Rocket fuel). US e-juices called Yummy-Yummy is an exclusive thing for Russian vapers.

At the event, Ilfumo will present a revolutionary nicotine delivery system – NZT and its own new e-liquid lines.

Special features of the company is a creative approach to stand design at exhibitions as well as permanent contests and giveaways for vapers. Just imagine: the team has prepared a two-level stand with a lounge zone instead of the conventional one for summer VAPEXPO Moscow!

Do you wonder how the company will impress the winter vape exhibition? Register!

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