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Cool vape tricks by Nicvapeteam at VAPEXPO Moscow 2017

“I would love to do such tricks!” that is what you were thinking when you were watching the YouTube channel of well-known vape trickers from Nicvapeteam.

You will be able to see them in person at VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 on June 16: the American team will make an unbelievable Vape Tricks Show!

Guys were the prize winners of The Ring Vape Show in the first season! Organizers of many vaping exhibitions are always happy to invite them as special guests. Thousands of vapers all over the world love and admire Nicvapeteam, and that is the reason why they will judge the Vape Tricks Battle!

Come to VAPEXPO Moscow 2017! The atmosphere will be hot!

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As cheap as chips! Until the end of May, get tickets for VAPEXPO Moscow at a ridiculous price!
On June 15-16, the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre will host the 7th international exhibition VAPEXPO Moscow. Tickets are already on sale, available at a discount price by the way!

Soon: VAPEXPO Moscow 2018, the largest vape party in Moscow!
On June 15-16, 2018, there will be VAPEXPO Moscow 2018: the international exhibition of the vape industry and a cool event for those keeping in line

Tickets to VAPEXPO Moscow on June 15-16 are already on sale!
We were rocking the Russian vape community during three days in December 2017. Yeah, that VAPEXPO Moscow was unforgettable: 7000 visitors, 110 stands, a 200 000 prize and a separate day for B2B. Cast your mind back to that rocking event.
Interesting competition and worthy opponents. Vape Awards ceremony through the winners’ eyes
On December 9, the final vape exhibition of the year, VAPEXPO Moscow, held the ceremony of awarding the best representatives of the vape industry - the Vape Awards. The award found its heroes in 12 nominations.