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The line of e-juices The Hundies: money smells!

While other manufacturers create e-liquids with a taste of pastry and desserts, The Hundies has released its new e-juice line that has the smell of money. It is interesting to taste $5 or $10, isn’t it? Perfect marketing solution.

Bottles volume is 60 ml and 100 ml for $15 and $25 correspondingly.

The collection offers 5 currency tastes: $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. This review will provide the taste experience of each e-liquid.

  • $5 – an explosive mix of fruit and berries. You will feel the flavor of strawberry, pineapple, peach, orange, raspberry and even lemon sherbet. The experience is strange due to the richness and the taste of rotten fruit.
  • $10 – a sweet taste of strawberry candies with a refreshing chill. After vaping, you feel a super sweet mint taste.
  • $20 – a flavor of salt cookies and cream cheese with strawberry. This is a dubious e-juice since many vapers consider it the best due to the neutral taste while others compare it with soup.
  • $50 – a soft caramel flavor with a slightly sour taste. It reminds cotton candy, which is a perfect solution for sweet teeth.
  • $100 – a mix of fruit and vanilla beans ice cream. It turns out to be the best e-liquid line. You can also feel a vanilla flavor, sweetness of ice cream as well as fruit.
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