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Mag Kit from Smok: gun for vapers

Smok manufacturer is known as an experienced figure of the vaping industry. The company's brand identity is non-serviceable tanks. But, as you know, the team focuses not only on the atomizers segment. The novelty of Smok is Mag Kit box mod.

Creativity of the designers runs high! Everything in the mod is interesting: shape, color combinations, screen and other components. Lateral side of the device is on the order of a gun butt, that it why the mod’s name is Mag. Moreover, the fire button looks like a gun trigger. You can press it with your index finger only. Using such a vaping device, you can feel like a real hero of an action movie.

It has a wide range of color options: red, rainbow, yellow, gray, purple, green, blue, black and pink.

HD screen with color lighting looks nice. User can choose its color as well.

Disadvantage of the gadget is size. Together with a tank its height is 155 mm. Weight is also decent.


  • dimensions: 92 × 65 × 30 mm;
  • height: 155 mm;
  • weight: 265 g;
  • materials: plastic + stainless steel;
  • battery: 18650;
  • power: 6-225 W;
  • voltage: 0.5-9 V;
  • temperature limit: 100-315 degrees Celsius;
  • connector type: 510.

The cost of the device is 79 dollars.

Find out more at VAPEXPO MOSCOW 2017!

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