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Build a powerful coil and get a powerful mod! Coil Build Contest at VAPEXPO Moscow

Cloud chasing for cloud chasers, coil building for coil builders! On December 9-10, the competition for the best coil build called Vape Alliance Coil Build Contest will be held at the leading vaping event VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 sponsored by Vape Alliance!

You buddies call you Lord of coil? Then, the contest is a must! It will include two categories: usual and Freestyle coils.

The best Clapton builder will be decided on December 9! The contest will be held in two rounds:

  1. Build, set and fit Fused Clapton Coil to 0.1 Ω resistance. Materials: 0.5 and 0.1 mm nichrome wires. Top five participants move forward...
  2. …here – to the second round where the contestants have to build either Alien Clapton Coil or Mohawk Alien Clapton Coil in 25 minutes. Materials: 0.3 and 0.1 mm nichrome wires.

Attention! The following objects are additionally available: an electric screwdriver and other tools to fix a wire (snips, swivels, coil builders and so on). All the rest is prohibited. Wires are supplied by Vapor Beard, tools are the contestant’s responsibility.

The coolest participant will become a winner and get a top mod RCM Shuttle.

The flight of coil fantasy is celebrated on December 10.

You can use any coil, any material, any tools to make it as beautiful and complex as possible. The task should be done in an hour.

Keep in mind! Disqualification and endless shame on you for previously prepared coils and details!

Those 10 people who confirm attendance at the event first will participate in the contest. The coolest one will be a winner and receive Rockvape 1.0 Atoll Edition Dark Andromeda!

The coolness of building in two categories will be judged by the star vape alliance: Stas Vapor Place, SerZh NaValisty, Dragosh from Vapers MD and Anatoliy Vape 31!

Besides, another nomination will be decided – an audience favorite prize. If attendees of VAPEXPO get head over heels with you (your coil), you will receive $100!

Ready to show your skills? Fill in the registration form! Please don’t forget to choose the contest category and confirm your attendance at the event!

Also, bring the passport and buy a ticket to VAPEXPO Moscow 2017.

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