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Nautilus Nano 40W by Aspire & MilSpec – little surprise

It should be mentioned at once that the network was full of disputes over the manufacturer of this box mod: Aspire or MilSpec? Actually, it is common brainchild of both brands. Let’s check how productive such an alliance is.

The market has few devices designed in such severe moderate style. This mod looks like the most common square box with three steel buttons. Such design can be simultaneously called trite and stylish. Taking into account dimensions, this minimalism is a right choice.

Nautilus Nano is designed for beginning vapers or for those requiring very compact vaping devices. Maximum output of 40 Watt will be hardly enough for heavy RDAs, but tank fans will be fully satisfied.

A simple display, temperature control mode, and spring-loaded pin – what more could one ask for a box mod?

Small dimensions mean small power source. The manufacturer has decided that 18350 battery would be enough for its device. This feature can be regarded as the disadvantage of the box mod, because capacity of such size power sources leaves a lot to be desired.

The box mod is offered with new Nautilus Nano tank atomizer. Aspire is going to sell the kit for 50-60 dollars and it is a great value for money.

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