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Large platform, foreign participants, additional activities, shiny mechmods and traditional Cloud Contest: on the 4-5 of December, Moscow will host a new VAPEXPO - the second international exhibition and conference devoted to electronic anti-smoking hookahs.

It is painfully slow to wait for the next summer, especially after the successful completion of the first VAPEXPO. Therefore, in order to diversify sad and gloomy everyday life on the eve of New Year celebrations, we startedthe preparations for the second event, this time focused on the Western market.

In large measure, it has become possible thanks to the huge interest displayed by the first visitors of the exhibition. Reconnaissance in strength was successful: foreign speakers came home and turned on the jungle telegraph, praising VAPEXPO,that iswhy, exhibitors are frantically preparing parties with new products and book placeson the next event.

You’ll seeamerican tunings, Frenchmech mods, Italian liquids and master classes. In addition, Chinese manufacturers are eager to join the event: masters of the eastern market and the central figures of the huge CECMOL.

As it is said, repair your cart in December; in July your sledge remember -we start to prepare now to squeeze an amazing mix of Vaping industry.

See you at VAPEXPO on the 4-5 of December!

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