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New RDA by Timesvape in classical form

Timesvape is a new, but promising manufacturer of vaping devices that has managed to establish itself on the market within a year. It is a strong average representative in terms of price with a good quality. Besides, the company regularly issues new products. One of the recent ones is TV BF RDA described in our review.     

 TV has not paid extra attention to design: it is a conventional bullet form designed in three colors (gold, silver, black) on the gold base. RDA diameter is 23 mm; height – 34 mm; weight – 35g.  

New RDA by Timesvape in classical form
Let’s move to its content. TV BF RDA is a single-coil RDA, which is quite popular among vapers now. Due to a simple construction, you can easily change the coil by two arm movements. Just push it using two screws: no complicated posts and intricate fastening. An e-liquid tank is large.        

This small RDA will be perfect for a squonker. However, if you prefer old school options, there is a classical pin in the box.     
BF RDA Timesvape features a side airflow system, but not quite standard: there are two posts with air channels on each side. With the distance between a coil and a hole being different, you can adjust inhaling.

The RDA has 5 holes of various diameters in order to satisfy both a newcomer and advanced vaper.   

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