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Badge Sponsor ILFUMO to present a new product IMNS. Have a look at it at the booth!

Meet ILFUMO, top distributor and our implacable Badge Sponsor of VAPEXPO Moscow! 

Every year, the company presents an exclusive product at VAPEXPO Moscow. This time, ILFUMO will also come up with something new at its booth: a disposable device IMNS high in nicotine salt. 

IMNS is a disposable e-cigarette that can substitute seven packs of traditional ones due to a capacious battery. The device helps quit smoking in a smooth and safe way since it doesn’t contain tar admixtures and carcinogens. IMNS nicotine is toughly limited – in both inhaling and cigarettes. This allows clients to get to know how much nicotine they vape.  

The line has three different tastes. They are created using natural components and flavors as well as high-purity nicotine salt. IMNS vapor fades away quickly with no sharp odor.  

Vaping experience is close to a traditional cigarette since you don’t have to press any buttons. Just inhale and see how vapor is automatically put out. Three-second inhaling would be enough to produce nicotine for complete saturation. 

Apart from cool products, the guys always provide a rocking atmosphere at the booth! Join us, test new products, and enjoy vaping along with ILFUMO!

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