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Freaky Fruits by Jam Vape Me: would you like to cool down?

Find the odd one out: fruit preserves, jam, e-liquid, berry sauce. Of course, anyone would pick an e-liquid. But everyone who knows e-juices by Jam Vape Me would answer in a different way since its products are a real “jam” for gourmet vapers.

“Jam” product line consists of 6 flavors from bakery to fruit and berry mixes. This collection was demonstrated by the team to all fans of sweet vaping at VAPEXPO Moscow.

Jam Vape Me also produced a special refreshing product line Freaky Fruits especially for the summer and presented it during the event. The collection consists of 4 refreshing flavors. The company presented three samples from the collection for our review. We are glad to tell you about them in this overview.

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First you judge a bottle, then – a flavor

The bottle is a standard plastic flacon with a convenient nose. All bottles are blue. This is a good solution because the blue color is associated with lightness and coolness. We believe that’s the effect designers wanted to achieve.

The name of the product line is placed on the label. Caricature “main characters” of the flavor such as a dancing orange or a smiling lemon replace the e-liquid’s name. At some point, we wanted to stop for a few minutes and view all the pictures more thoroughly.

A user can learn about content, storage conditions, precautions and sell-by-date on the reverse side of the bottle. There is also an age restriction: it is forbidden to sell the e-liquid to minors.

The e-liquid’s balance is 70 to 30. Every bottle is 60 ml.

One cannot ban delicious vaping

  • Cherry and strawberry

You will feel a flavor of a refreshing mint. Hints of a strawberry are felt while inhaling, a cherry – while exhaling. We were glad to discover that the flavor of berry coolness stays for a long time. Coolness during vaping is wonderfully blended with the berry flavor.

 vape, вейп, жижа, жидкости, Freaky Fruits

  • Raspberry and blackberry

The e-liquid is perfect for hot time: a light mix of raspberry and blackberry flavors with a slight mint aftertaste. It reminds a berry tea with ice – cool, juicy and refreshing.

vape, вейп, жижа, жидкости, Freaky Fruits

  • Lemon, orange and mango

Quite an unusual e-juice. A dash of mint makes a lemon taste like a lime. The stronger coolness is, the more intensive the transformation is felt. There are also slight hints of an orange. Mango aftertaste makes the diversity of flavors even more pleasant. In general, it is an awesome tropical flavor for the summer.

vape, вейп, жижа, жидкости, Freaky Fruits

We are grateful to Jam Vape Me for the e-juices provided!

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