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From chewing gum to pistachio ice cream: review of Yo! Vape e-juices

From chewing gum to pistachio ice cream: review of Yo! Vape e-juices

We have tested a line of 12 e-liquids called Yo! Vape by St. Petersburg company – Esiga Group. We won’t uncover an intrigue and just say that they are surprisingly well-balanced. So, let's cut to the chase and describe its flavors.       

A crispy cornet of pistachio ice cream with Bavarian cream. 

This e-juice with a taste of pistachio ice cream is reputed to be one of the best in this review. It tastes like a sweet pistachio ice cream and real wafer cup (like in our childhood) without chemicals. The e-juice is revealed while vaping with a sweet milky taste, more like condensed milk rather than ice cream. The taste is pretty natural. Pistachio and crispy cornet are felt on the exhale.         
Estimation: 5+.

A creamy crispy cornet with an avalanche of strawberry ice cream.   

Sweetly and strawberry. Flavored sweet e-juice with a clear taste of strawberry and cream. A wafer cup flavor is absent, but there is a pleasant gentle coolness. Sweet e-juice lovers will appreciate this taste.         
Estimation: 4.

Milk cookies with sweet butter cream. 

Don’t open a bottle if you’re hungry! A flavor of tasty oatmeal biscuits with milk cream make you fight against the desire to drink the e-juice right from the bottle. You feel a perfect taste of milk cream and cookies without any needless smacks on the inhale. The exhale is accompanied by a discreet honey after-taste. An excellent option for pastry e-liquid lovers.      
Estimation: 5+.

From chewing gum to pistachio ice cream: review of Yo! Vape e-juices - 1

A sappy American doughnut with bilberry jam.   

A distinct bilberry flavor without any baked goods. However, while vaping, you feel a moderately sweet doughnut with a bit astringent bilberry flavor on the inhale. Nothing changes on the exhale. Tasty e-juice.       
Estimation: 4+.

A summer citrus explosion with ice chips. 

A scent of orange juice goes from a bottle. Not familiar orange soda but juice. A pleasant orange flavor with a bit of sourness on the inhale, which reveals and becomes more rich and tasty on the exhale. Perfect juice simulation.     
Estimation: 5+.

Incorrect blackberry and bilberry jam.  

A bilberry and currant flavor with some strange hints (it’s difficult to understand exactly). Heavy taste and medium sweetness. A slight berry sourness is felt on the exhale. Pleasant soft e-liquid.  
Estimation: 5.

From chewing gum to pistachio ice cream: review of Yo! Vape e-juices - 2

American pie of fresh green apples with cinnamon. 

The e-liquid smells like an apple bonbon with cinnamon. Pastry is quite poor and felt only on the exhale. In general, the e-juice is tasty and gentle, thus it can be used daily.     
Estimation: 4.

Tea with a deep berry taste and bergamot hint.   

First appearances can be deceptive: it smells like cheap ice tea, but the e-juice is quite unpredictable during vaping. A gentle chemical ice tea taste is replaced by a pleasant raspberry flavor with bergamot. A slight coolness appears on the exhale. Pretty interesting and summer taste, but a bit too much bergamot. Not to everyone’s taste.    
Estimation: 4.

Cold tea with lime pieces. 

The e-liquid smells like black tea with bergamot hints. You feel some tea, but bergamot is the main element. A citrus taste is deceptive: it is bergamot in reality. Tea becomes stronger on the exhale, providing an awesome after-taste.      
Estimation: 4+.

Cool raspberry smoothie with grapes pieces.     

Grape and soap odor. Fortunately, you don’t feel soap during vaping, while grape flavor is strong enough. So strong that it tastes chemically. Cool grapes on the inhale and cooler raspberry on the exhale. Raspberry leaves a bitter after-taste. Tasty refreshing e-juice.         
Estimation: 4+.

Ice watermelon smoothie and double kiwi.  

The e-liquid smells like watermelon without kiwi. While vaping, you determine watermelon seeds (a bit oily and heavy taste), and kiwi is almost unnoticed. Coolness is hardly present, and watermelon is poor: it seems that you eat watermelon rind.     
Estimation: 4.

Taste from the childhood. 

Unfortunately, a chewing gum flavor is almost absent, but it reveals during vaping. Very sweet gum taste with a fruit hint. Quite a specific e-liquid. It leaves a discreet after-taste: a hint of mint, fruit, and sugar powder.      
Estimation: 4.

From chewing gum to pistachio ice cream: review of Yo! Vape e-juices -3


As mentioned above, all the flavors appeared to be surprisingly well-balanced. They don’t have chemical taste, superfluous sweetness or bitterness, and tongue stinging. You can vape these e-liquids every day. Besides, there are both nicotine and nicotine-free ones. In a nutshell, you should try them.     

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