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Why does Moscow in vapor? It is VAPEXPO Moscow 2017!

It has finally happened! Today, June 16, the anniversary international exhibition of the vaping industry VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 has started in Sokolniki ECC! Let’s take a look how it was!


USA, Europe, China, Malaysia, Canada! No, it is not a map of the world; these are the exhibitors of VAPEXPO Moscow 2017! Manufacturers have brought the latest devices, the most delicious e-juices and the most original vape accessories, to make vapers’ day!

Until 15:00 the event was held in the B2B format. Wait for new discoveries in the world of vaping, because, thanks to the business and relaxed atmosphere, vape businesspeople have established partnership relations!


Meanwhile, in the next pavilion, there was an industry B2B conference under a new label - Vape Volution! Participants have learned:

  • how the Russian market looks from the prospective of foreign companies from the co-founder of Katching Vapers Nikita Dzhain;
  • how to go through customs control as easy as crossing the street, thanks to the head of legal department at Transertico, Daria Pugan;
  • everything (and even more) about the production of box mods, from the owner of Subnoto12 Vasiliy Slesarenko and the developer of customized box mods.

After the reports, visitors enjoyed business cocktails and talked to speakers in an informal atmosphere.


Do you remember activities held on the main stage? Of course you do! It was truly a mind blown! The first day, Vape Tricks Day was cool thanks to unbelievable tricks with vapor from the best vape trickers!

Could you believe that one can perform THIS? Nicvapeteam and TRIX teams have impressed the audience with their Tricks Show!

After their performance, you’ve thought that you’ve seen everything! But wait! Bold Tricks Battle determined top three vape amateurs, who can literally bring vapor to life! For their skills, they got a lot of respect and powerful devices from Innokin Tecknology.

Vape Awards 2017

Today, you’ve seen the awarding of the best vape industry representatives during the Vape Awards 2017.

Now you know names of the leaders according to ordinary people and vape experts from the jury panel.

Award winners received prizes in 13 nominations. The verdict was made by bloggers from Vape Alliance and Vape Coalition! Watch the results on the website:

And in 20:00 everyone will gather at the informal afterparty in the pavilion No. 4.2.

This is only the first day! Tomorrow will be an unforgettable Saturday:

  • WSOV cloud chasing tournament, the winner of which will get 200 000 RUB;
  • final of the King of Cloud Russia Tour by Sub Ohm Innovation with a prize fund of $5 500;
  • giveaways and contests from the exhibitors;
  • hardcore Big Russian Boss, throwing a lot of juice to the crowd.

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$500 for video, almost $1500 for cloud chasing, $3000 for quest… While exchange brokers make money out of thin air, vapers make them out of vapor at VAPEXPO Moscow 2017!
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