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Pud mod: new vaping device conquers the market

The vape industry is developing very fast, so that the emergence of radically new devices on the market is fully justified. One of such devices is Pod Mod.

What is pod mod and how does it work?

The pod mods have suddenly burst into the market of vape devices. They are winning over by the ease of use and small size: they do not require excessive efforts in maintaining and easily fit into the pocket.

The pod mod is a portable module for vaping, a kind of AIO devices. Considering the small size, it has a super powerful battery that produces a lot of high-quality vapor.

The device operates on replaceable cartridges pre-filled with e-liquid, which eliminates the necessity of regular refilling and cleaning of e-liquid reservoirs. Each model has its own cartridge modifications.

How do pod mods work? The principle of vapor generation is the same as in standard mods. The difference is that the pod mod has the same design as regular e-cigs, yet in smaller version, but at the same time pod mod cannot be disassembled, and has fixed setting. They are turned on through a fire button or without it, depending on the modification.

Pod mods also differ in the variety and originality of the design.

Despite a very powerful battery, the device is not that powerful, since all the battery energy is spent to keep a tiny device working as a full-fledged vape mod.

Pod mods models

Pod mods differ in several features:

• Mod size.

• E-liquid cartridge volume.

• Design.

Listed below are some advanced models that are popular on the market today


One of the best, released in 2018. It combines the excellent performance and balance of all the important features for vapers. It gives dense vapor and rich flavor.

Pud mod: new vaping device conquers the market - 1


Despite the relative novelty of vaping pod mods, JUUL has already become a classic. It is incredibly reliable and works for a long time. It is equipped with a patented temperature control system, so that the device does not overheat. The mod is thin, small and has ergonomic shape so that it is easily fit into the pocket. Cartridges use salt nicotine.

Pud mod: new vaping device conquers the market - 2

Nex Labs SMPO

Very simple option. It is already activated, so you don’t need to press any button, just enjoy vaping. It uses 1.8 ml cartridges containing 18 or 50 mg nicotine. It is available in blue or black color. The device will satisfy the tastes and preferences of both beginners and experienced vapers.

Pud mod: new vaping device conquers the market - 3


Pod Mods are simple in use, and this is their main advantage. The device has no additional settings and features, so it is a perfect option for beginners, as well as those who like usability and convenience. The idea of their developing is simple: to make vaping more simple and accessible, tempting over smokers to the bright vaping side.

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