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Detailed Report on CIS VAPOUR DIALOGUES Conference
Detailed Report on CIS VAPOUR DIALOGUES Conference

During the conference VAPEXPO, we were overwhelmed by the output on the part of speakers and the amount of information they had prepared. Powerful reports, latest statistics of the consumer market of electronic cigarettes, reviews of trends and developments of the vaping industry, all this huge amount of information was difficult to deliver to our participants.

In order to sum up VAPEXPO 2015 with confidence and guarantee the safety of the knowledge we have prepared a complete base of presentation of the speakers of CIS VAPOUR DIALOGUES. Furthermore, we are going to refresh your memory once again with key points and the most memorable speeches delivered during the two-day conference CIS VAPOUR DIALOGUES.

Peter Beckett delivered a welcoming speech. He outlined the challenges to be faced by every entrepreneur and manufacturer of electronic cigarettes:

Powerful tobacco and pharmaceutical lobby;
Standardization issues;
Market analysis and demand formation.

These three key blocks of issues became a leitmotif of the conference CIS VAPOUR DIALOGUES.

Tim Phillips is the managing director at, a professional analytical online edition of the electronic cigarettes market.

Tim Phillips started his performance with the illustration of the global picture. He presented an excellent summary of the e-cigarettes market in the United States and Europe. He noted a sharp leap in sales in 2013-2014 and a transition of the consumers towards electronic cigarettes.

In this case, the markets of the CIS and Russia are lagging, however, based on the international context, the speaker predicts corresponding "boom" of the popularity of e-cigarettes in the next few years. In contrast to the Western market, Russia has shown a surprisingly high demand for the products in the regions. This can greatly accelerate the "transition period" and result in high turnover of electronic cigarettes in the country.

The only limiting factor is the low price on tobacco products, which significantly slows down the departure of consumers towards vaping.

Oliver Kershaw is the founder and managing director of E-Cigarette-Forum.Com.

Having a huge platform for communicating with vapers, namely E-Cigarette-Forum platform with 3 million visits per month, Kershaw presented a unique detailed statistics of the electronic cigarettes market. To be honest, these calculations were interesting even for analysts and speakers of CIS VAPOUR DIALOGUES.

The full presentation of the conference will be available later. Here are some key points of Kershaw's report:

Only 2% of the audience prefer disposable and low-power e-cigarettes;
The most popular are box mod battery units being used by 37% of vapers;
Only 15% of the audience use liquid with tobacco taste;
About half of all vapers consume 3-6 ml of e-liquid per day.

As a result, there is a growing demand for atomizers and mechmods. This segment of the electronic cigarettes market will be going up in the next few years. 

Arnaud DUMAS de RAULY is the president of the French association of manufacturers and retailers of electronic cigarettes FIVAPE.

We just cannot skip his performance. Praemonitus praemunitus. Despite the fact that Arno’s report is a detailed review of the mechanisms and principles of standardization of electronic cigarettes in France, it may become the basis for the introduction of the same rules in Russia just in a few years.

Moreover, this presentation is a successful tip for distributors on how to lead the dialogue and certify retailers’ products.

Roger Luo is the director of operations at CECMOL.

If you want to cooperate with Chinese manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and to receive individual dealer offers, you should understand the conjuncture of the Chinese market.

Roger Luo's report is exactly what you need. Here is the detailed statistics of the market of electronic cigarettes in China, the layout of the largest manufacturers of vaping industry in the country. All that can be collected at the largest exhibition of e-cigarettes in Asia - CECMOL.

Once again, we would like to thank the managing director of BABYLONVAPE Igor Samborsky for the constructive case on the creation and distribution of premium liquids in Russia and the CIS. 

Gnuchkih Eugenia represents All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Tobacco.

Suddenly, a lot of questions were asked to the representative of the research laboratory. Indeed, the theme of safety of electronic cigarettes is one of the most speculated in the media. Therefore, the unveiling of results of the research made by a government research lab was one of the most important items on the agenda of CIS VAPOUR DIALOGUES.

Fortunately, the balance was clearly in favour of electronic cigarettes, which were recognized as less harmful compared to tobacco products, according to the analysis of the Research Institute. The only cause for concern remains the use of electronic cigarettes by minors. However, all the participants are unanimously ready to work on creating the right image of vaping industry in Russia.

Lipsky Yury is the head of R&D department Wingle group electronics LTD.

His succinct report was very interesting to all manufacturers of electronic cigarettes, namely battery units. Safety rules and methods for testing of e-cigarette batteries is the "down to earth" issue being often bypassed by big players of vaping industry, but it is needed to work directly with the audience and to form the correct image of the industry as a whole.

We hope that this brief overview of CIS VAPOUR DIALOGUES has refreshed our participants’ memory about key moments of the conference. Full presentations of the speakers are placed on the page with the results of VAPEXPO 2015.

Thank all the participants of VAPEXPO for their attention and credibility to the event.



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