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Katching Vapes invites VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 guests to Parnick Vape Lounge opening

June 17, Katching Vapes company (J-Well) invites all attendees of VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 to the opening of Parnick Vape Lounge zone at the address: 10 Blagoveschensky Lane, building 2 (Mayakovskaya Metro Station). Beginning at 8 p.m.

Parnick Vape Lounge is a unique opportunity to take a rest along with prominent vape industry manufacturers. The entertainment program includes:

  • contests;
  • go-go girls;
  • DJ sets;
  • prizes and gifts;
  • and many other things!

To attend the opening of Parnick Vape Lounge for sure, register following the link:

Buy a ticket to VAPEXPO Moscow 2017 and keep relaxing at Parnick Vape Lounge!

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