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Revealing secrets: what does vape device consist of?

Today, vape devices are very popular: dense clouds of aromatic vapor do their bit and attract more and more people. Everyone knows that devices allow users to vape almost anywhere, but not all vapers know how their favorite devices are arranged. Let's figure it out.

What is inside?

To begin with, each vape device has a fire button to turn the device on and off.


Revealing secrets: what does vape device consist of?


There is also a drip tip, or a mouthpiece, located at the top. It is used to make an inhale.

Drip tips may be of different sizes and shapes. They are made of different materials, giving them different colors depending on the design of the entire device.


Revealing secrets: what does vape device consist of?


So, what’s next? After the drip tip, there is a top cap, a glass tube, an evaporator and an airflow control ring. By the way, few words about the evaporator: this is one of the most important parts of the device, because it is it that provides vapers with dense vapor. Evaporator is called an atomizer. It works on a spiral heater, a coil.


Revealing secrets: what does vape device consist of?


And of course, the device has a battery. They are of different models and capacity. It should be noted that if you properly charge the battery, it will have a longer life.

How does it work?

The operating principle is very simple.

The battery supplies current to an atomizer saturated with e-liquid. Due to the current, the coil heats up, thus helping the e-liquid to evaporate. If all the elements work properly, the vapor becomes dense, and the taste is reach.

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