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Ray Story, the CEO of TVECA and the new speaker at CIS VAPOUR DIALOGUES

One of the key directions of the vaping development is its ongoing protection from the state oppression and its asserting as an industry being independent from the tobacco legislative field. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce you our new speaker.

Ray Story is the CEO of TVECA. It is an international non-profit association that interacts with the state and the media in order to create a favourable climate for the industry of electronic cigarettes.

The activity of TVECA is primarily aimed at resolving disputes and legal framework for the protection of the rights of producers of electronic cigarettes. In particular, Ray has many victories in excessive litigation "electronic cigarettes vs. the state".

Among the most powerful precedents, we should mention the following:

Proceedings against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He suppressed the attempt to classify electronic cigarettes as tobacco products and to recognize them as devices for narcotic substances delivery.
Proceedings against the Ministry of Health of Denmark. Cancellation of the ban on electronic cigarettes.

At this point, Ray Story together with the authorized representatives of the Parliament of the European Union is developing a bill regulating the import and sale of electronic cigarettes in the whole Euro zone.

In addition, the speaker is the founder and owner of the company UTVG, which includes such brands of electronic cigarettes as Premium Vapes, WannaVape, Flavor Vapes, and Vape Master.

At the CIS VAPOUR DIALOGUES conference, the speaker will deliver a report on the topic "In search of global rules of the game on the electronic cigarettes market: industry experience in America, Europe and Asia."

In his speech, Ray Story will focus on the regulatory aspects of the interaction of the electronic cigarette industry with the state system. The key messages of the speaker are as follows:

the first steps of the industry and the FDA bans in the United States;
revision of the directive on tobacco products in the EU;
the latest news about the industry development in Asia;
the future of the industry and the specific interaction with the state: taxes, standardization, legal system.

Moreover, each participant of CIS VAPOUR DIALOGUES may personally communicate with the speaker at the roundtable after his speech.

See you at VAPEXPO-2015!


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