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Sebone Kit by Steel Vape: scaly set

Steel Vape has finally awaken from some kind of hibernation and is back in harness. And we want to congratulate all lovers of mechanicals mods and other connoisseurs of tasty vapor on this event. The fact is that the company has recently produced a new setup called Sebone Kit, including a mechanical mod and RDA. And here’s something to tell about it.

Surely, the device will manage to stand out among competitors at least due to its unusual design: the RDA has a wonderful engraving with the company label, while the mod is engraved of fish scale across the whole body.

Besides the originality, such design provides practical advantages. For instance, the engraving of the RDA allows to unscrew it easily, while the engraving of the mod allows owners to hold it reliably. By the way, an accidental e-liquid drop will stay on the relief surface instead of smearing everything immediately.

Users can choose a production material: brass or steel. In the first case, the pattern will be gold and the body will be green, black, red or gold (like engraving). In the second case, lines will be silver and the body will be available in the same colors as the previous one, save for steel instead of gold.

The RDA from the kit is equipped with the side unregulated airflow system with holes being placed at the bottom of installed coils. There is a platform with two posts and huge holes for thick ends.

The set includes two atomizer top caps. One of them is designed for the 810 drip tip and another for 1110.

The e-liquid tank capacity is 8 mm.

The mechanical mod boasts the folding start button, hybrid connector, and operations on a single 18650 battery.

Kit by Steel Vape is a truly impressive company’s return to the market that will make happy a lot of vapers. The kit costs $70.

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