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What Ohms should you choose for vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping is becoming increasingly popular around the globe. Not only skilled vapers vape in this manner nowadays, but also amateurs. Moreover, one can say sub-ohm vaping is a new trend. Of course, many vapers are interested in what Ohms are better for vaping.

When you use coils with a resistance of less than 1 Ohm, it means you are sub-ohm vaping. The key advantage of this manner of vaping is the taste qualities and the amount of vapor.

Due to low resistance and high voltage, the e-liquid warms up rapidly. Thus, vapor generation is accelerated, and transfer of taste increases.

You need a gadget with a maximum power output of 20 Watts to use a sub-ohm clearomizer. The core principle when choosing a new vape is the lower the resistance, the higher power output is needed.

Resistance - power output ratio, ecig:

  • Resistance in 1 Оhm  – Power output in 10,8 W;
  • Resistance in 0,5 Оhm – Power output in 21,8 W;
  • Resistance in 0,24 Оhm – Power output in 45,4 W;
  • Resistance in 0,1 Оhm – Power output in 108,9 W.

The resistance of an electronic cigarette you choose depends on the coil, number of wraps and the thickness of the wire used to make the coil. The more wraps, the higher the resistance is; the thicker wire, the lower is the resistance. It is important to find a balance. The best option is a wire thickness of 0.3 mm and 5-7 wraps in the coil.

If it is difficult to figure out all the details on your own, you can just buy a sub-ohm clearomizer and mod.

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