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Smoke Kitchen – high quality at middle price

E-liquid market is highly competitive, and in order to gain popularity a manufacturer has to take care about the quality of goods, a reasonable price, as well as to garner attention with a good-looking package. Russian company Smoke Kitchen has factored in all these components of success and released a wide line of products to meet your every need.

The Shake series

The Shake series features 5 types of e-liquids:

  • Safari Shake with flavor of refreshing lemonade and, as the manufacturer claims, with effect of bubbly soda. This eJuice will be good for everyday use, especially in summer, when freshness is so desired.
  • Mamba Shake with flavor of strawberry chewing gum, sweet but not mawkish, slightly sour.
  • Miami Shake – flavor of strawberry with cream. This e-liquid is recommended not only to those who love such cocktails, but also to those who don’t. Perhaps, the product from Smoke Kitchen will change such a negative attitude. Heavy flavor of whipped cream is excellently diluted and supplemented by fresh fruit aftertaste.
  • Sunset Shake is intended for lovers of sweet desserts. This e-liquid combines the flavor of chocolate and coconut.
  • Tornado Shake combines the flavor of blueberry and other berries and provides a fresh forest berry aftertaste. Berry flavor is pronounced but not intrusive and pleasant chillness adds some positive feelings.

All e-liquids in this series feature 70/30 ratio of VG/PG.

The Jungle Juice series

When creating this e-liquid series, manufacturer tried to reproduce flavors of natural fruits, and it can be safely said that he has managed to do it. Therefore, we won’t give a detailed description of each of the five products, and will simply specify their flavors: grapefruit, watermelon, mango, litchi and pomegranate.

All e-liquids in this series feature 60/40 ratio of VG/PG.

Bases and aromas

Smoke Kitchen decided to get attention of those vapers who prefer to personally prepare eJuices. Company offers two kinds of bases for them: Cloud and Optimal. The first base has 1mg/ml nicotine concentration and 70/30 ratio of VG/PG. The second base is stronger, nicotine concentration here is 3mg/ml, and the ratio of VG/PG is 60/40. Optimal base delivers better flavor than Cloud. It is good news that both bases don’t contain unwanted tastes and flavors.

Aroma assortment is much wider. The Jungle series alone contains five of them: kiwi, coconut, cupuacu, banana and pineapple. All of them have natural taste and flavor.

All abovementioned products from Smoke Kitchen are of high quality and can compete with famous premium brands. At the same time, prices are affordable; 30 ml bottle of e-liquid costs round 400 rubles. 

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