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Squonk Genius Adapter by Cthulhu: make a squonk from any device!

This year, the vape market is full of devices from the bottom feeder segment. Since they became vapers’ favorites, manufacturers came up with additional squonk adapters for atomizers. This is a cool solution, since you can now turn any mod into a squonk. One of the representatives of this category is the Squonk Genius Adapter by Cthulhu.

The gadget has a form of a fitted cylinder with wide openings for interacting with the e-liquid bottle. It looks stylish and aesthetic and is available in steel and black colors.

The deck has two O-rings. On the contact area, you can install atomizers with a diameter of 22 to 24mm.

The holes for the liquid are wide, but since they are on the surface level, the liquid can leak all over the sides. The bottle volume is 7ml, which is enough for several hours of vaping.


  • material - stainless steel;
  • capacity - 7.1ml;
  • diameter - 24mm;
  • height - 37mm;
  • connector - 510.

The price of this device is $27.

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