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How to take advantage of tobacco companies weaknesses

Over the past few years, the turnover of the tobacco industry is on the decline, unlike  the market of electronic cigarettes. An important factor in this case is the mobility and flexibility of the vaping industry.

The relatively small size of the companies creating electronic cigarettes allows them to react quickly to changes on the market, as well as to adapt to the interests of the audience easily.

However, in order to rapidly develop and change priorities, they need a qualitative analysis of the market. It is especially important in the competitive environment where major tobacco companies started an aggressive campaign to exclude and acquire the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes.

During the CIS Vapour Dialogues, Steve Hong, the director of Roebling Research (previously he was a leading e-cigs market analyst in the global media holding Thomson Reuters), will tell how to succeed in conditions of reduction of the demand for tobacco products; about the most vulnerable market segments that are the most attractive for entrepreneurs in the vaping industry. 

In addition, having experience in the development of marketing strategies for major tobacco corporations, Steve Hong will be able to share best practices that may be used to attract audiences from the tobacco segment of the market.

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