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The Admiral Tube Mod by BJ Box Mods –safety for the full 20700

Today we are going to speak about a neoclassic mech mod The Admiral Tube Mode, a.k.a. Broadside, by BJ Box Mods. Original look plus technical parameters deserve readers’ attention. So…

The mod looks like a usual tube and has a reliable assembly. There is a deep engraving of the model’s name on the body. It is available in several colors. Moreover, the manufacturer offers hundreds of Resin caps to design the lower part of the device.

And now let’s talk about technical parameters. The main peculiarity of this mod is a new battery form factor – 20700. There is an extension bar for a 18650 battery if you are an adherent of traditional power supply.

The mod has a hybrid 510 connector. It is silvered which adds advantages to the device.

The manufacturer took care of safety and placed a delrin layer in the copper body for additional protection.

The start button is located in the lower part, like in classic mech mods. It is demountable and has smooth motion.

The Admiral Tube Mode by BJ Box Mods is a mech mod which guarantees safe vaping. The main thing is not to buy a fake one and study the instruction attentively. The novelty’s price varies from $105 to $250.

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