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Towis T180 from Hcigar, a toy mod with a huge sensor

Almost every vaper knows Hcigar, the vaping device manufacturer. The secret of their success is releasing quality devices with DNA chips. And the developers did not stop there: they decided to go after technology and create a mod with a touch screen, Towis T180.

The first thing that strikes you is the look of it. And not just because it's beautiful and stylish like many other devices of this company. Engineers have created a completely different gadget design, which is nothing like previous models.

The design creates a quite twofold impression. On one hand, it looks really bright, on the other, it kind of looks like a toy, not a vape mod.

Technical characteristics are always interesting in this type of mods. Unfortunately, developers did not give us all the information about its inside. The only thing we know is data on the board. 

It’s called XT180. Its power range is 5-180W with thermal control function support. The chip is protected in various ways for vaping fully and comfortably. For example, short-circuiting, overcharging or overheating protection. The power source is two 18650 batteries pack. You can charge the mod using a micro USB.

The main feature of this device is a touch display. It takes up almost all of the body front side with a huge amount of maintenance information. It can be organized by the user’s request.

Towis T180 price is 100 dollars.

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