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Care and cleaning of mech mod at home
Care and cleaning of mech mod at home

You’ve become a lucky owner of your first mechanical mod or just going to buy one? Congratulations, excellent choice! For the long life of the device and its good look, you need to clean it properly.


Mechanical mods with one battery are different. Some of them have removable parts, galvanic images, others are very user-friendly: just smooth metal, which is stylish and beautiful in its own way.

Traditional materials used for manufacturing modern mech mods are copper and brass. They are high-qualitative and have good conductivity, but, alas, prone to oxidation and adherence of dirt. To fight this is only possible by careful care of the device and regular cleaning. There are several basic rules how to clean a mech mod.

Special substances and tools

For high-quality cleaning of all parts of the device, you should have several liquids and items:

- a 70% solution of vinegar (well suited for brass products);

- food citric acid (cheap and common cleaning substance, which can be purchased in any market);

- eraser for pencils;

- toothbrush.

It is considered the basic kit necessary for cleaning a mech mod at home. More thorough care requires a few more items. If your device is dear to you, it's better to pay attention to them:

• Electric screwdriver and replaceable evaporator with thread for 510 connector.

• Special polishing paste, which can be ordered on the Internet. A cheaper option is called Dr.Wax, and a cooler one is Mother's Billet.

• Dremel tool with a felt wheel and GOI grinding paste (based on chromium oxide).

How to clean mech mod quickly?

You should pfaff around cleaning every day, if you want your device to have good appearance and retain its functionality. For example, copper devices oxidize in a few hours. So you need to take care of them more often than those made of brass. But they both require a simple cleaning every day.

It does not take much time, a maximum of 10 minutes. You will need the above-mentioned basic care kit: eraser, toothbrush and citric acid dissolved in water.

Care and cleaning of mech mod at home -1

Where to start? Take a small reservoir with water, dissolve there a few spoons of citric acid. The device must be disassembled and put into the prepared liquid. For brass mods, it is recommended to add acetic acid to the solution. The mod should soak off for around half an hour, although some vapers prefer to leave the device for the whole night. After soaking you can start cleaning the device.

1. Wash all parts of the mod with water and dishwashing detergent.

2. Clean the threads using a toothbrush. Thus, it is easiest to remove all the dirt that could get stuck inside.

3. When contacting the electric arc, pin gets black spots. They are easy to be cleaned with an eraser.

Note! Not every part requires thorough cleaning or special means. If your mod's pin is made of silver or rhodium, then the eraser is enough. The same applies to rhodium or galvanized bodies: you can clean them without putting them into citric acid.

Advanced methods of mod cleaning

Advanced vapers or just perfectionists can make their devices perfect with their own hands. But it requires a little more time and efforts compared to regular cleaning. But the mod will shine like a new one. So, how to achieve this?

Care and cleaning of mech mod at home - 2

Step 1. Manual cleaning with a soft microfiber. A little bit of GOI polishing paste is applied to the fabric, the device is rubbed back and forth within ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 2. Automated version using an electric screwdriver. Such a cleaning takes only a couple of minutes. This method requires additional evaporator with a 510 connection: it is screwed into the mod itself. The free end of the evaporator is clamped by a screwdriver.

To polish, you also need a microfiber cloth to wrap mod with Dr.Wax or Mother's Billet paste. Be careful in order not to break the thread, just take it around tightly, leaving a possibility for movement.

After turning on the screwdriver, start polishing the mod slowly until you feel that the fabric has warmed up a bit. The side that is in contact with the device will blacken. Then use the clean side of the microfiber to wipe off the paste vestiges.

Step 3. The thread and pin must be cleaned in the same way as described in the basic care option: toothbrush and eraser.

Step 4. Pin polishing using a dremel device. This procedure should take place only if your pin is not made of silver or not silver-plated or rhodium-plated. We again need GOI paste, which must be applied to the felt circle of the dremel. Clean the pin for only a few minutes, then wipe it with a cloth.

Note! Don’t use abrasive materials for thread or contact polishing. It can impair the functionality of your mod.

It is not difficult to understand how to clean mechanical mods. But this procedure requires patience and attentiveness, as well as time. If you decided to buy a mech mod, then don’t forget about regular cleaning, otherwise it will quickly wear out.

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