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Vape vs IQOS: which is cooler and what is the difference?

On a wave of popularity of the vape industry, the world tobacco manufacturers feel that they need to adapt to customer demands. Last year, Philip Morris released a new device for smoking called IQOS. It differs from a vape device by functions, but can also replace an ordinary cigarette. 

So, what is better: vape or IQOS?

Main distinctive features

IQOS is intended to replace ordinary cigarettes. Users smoke tobacco but in smaller quantities and using another technique. Sticks with natural tobacco are used here. They do not burn in the IQOS system, but are heated up to 300-350 ℃. As a result, aerosol is produced instead of smoke: no smell is left on clothes and users can smoke indoors. 

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Vape has other options. A vape device generates much more vapor. It works for a longer time, and absolutely any e-liquid flavor can be chosen: from cherry cake to apple pie. There are also options for lovers of the classical cigarette flavor. 

Battery and way of charging 

The IQOS comes with a stick holder and a support that charges it. One charge of the holder lasts to smoke one stick. A completely charged support lasts for 20 sticks and has a capacity of 2900 mA/h. On average, a user can smoke one package of cigarettes per day. 

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Usually, vape devices have a higher productivity. If earlier they could not boast high productivity, now an average box mod has a capacity of 3000 mA/h. Moreover, users can buy exchangeable batteries and increase this parameter to 6000-9000 mA/h. IQOS requires charging through a USB cable. 

Refilling of devices 

IQOS can be called an advanced mouthpiece. A user has to insert the stick (very similar to a cut cigarette) and throw it away after the usage. The important thing is that it can be used only once and cannot be reused. Users should clean the hole for sticks with a special brush at the end of the day or once per several days. 

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Vape devices are refilled with the e-liquid quite quickly and without any discomfort. Similarly, once per several weeks users can change the vaporizer. 

Chemical composition 

Comparing IQOS with ordinary cigarettes, it produces 90% less harmful agents. The main components of IQOS sticks (besides nicotine) are propylene glycol and glycerin, similarly to vape devices. The difference is that there are zero nicotine e-liquids for box mods. Zero nicotine sticks are not available, as their assortment is not big yet.    
Cigarettes produce harmful chemical agents due to the burning temperature of almost 900 ℃. In IQOS, the tobacco does not burn. It is heated and the temperature does not exceed 350 ℃. 

Vape devices have temperature control feature, which does not heat the e-liquid for more than 320 ℃ and does not allow generating harmful agents. 

Smoking in public places 

Thanks to the tobacco heating system, vapor does not influence the quality of air. The device can be used indoors without the fear of burning the carpet with ashes. There is a café chain that allows using IQOS. 

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Some premises also allow using vape devices with the exception of hookah bars that worry about ventilation. However, in both cases – IQOS and vape device – it would be better to specify from the start and make sure that vapor clouds will not bother anyone. 

It is difficult to define the winner. IQOS and vape are fundamentally different devices. They occupy absolutely different niches and overlap obliquely. Whereas IQOS is more of a replacement of cigarettes and an alternative to tobacco smoking, vape is a separate subculture with its own meetups and millions of fans. 

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