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Vapexpo Moscow is preparing for Cloud Contest

Attention, attention!

The registration for Cloud Contest that will be held within Vapexpo Moscow is continuing. We are ready to present you details of amazing and spectacular cloud chasing competition sponsored by the VAPE house shop. VAPE Russia vapers community will provide a technical support for the tournament.      

To apply for participation, fill a short form on

Attention: only full-aged people are allowed to participate in the contest!  

After arriving at Vapexpo Moscow 2016, do not forget to register yourself. The registration at the event will be available from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Within this period you should prepare the most heating coil building for your device that should make you a winner!     

The tournament will take place on the main stage of Vapexpo Moscow 2016 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.   

Let’s review the main technical details required for participation in the contest:  

- the resistance of your atomizer should be at least 0.10 ohms; 

- only dual coil vaporizers are allowed to participate; 

- only mech mods with 18650 battery;

- only Anarchist  22ga (0.65) and 24ga (0.51) wires are allowed to be used for coil building. Participants get materials during registration;

- e-liquids are provided by the contest sponsor – VAPE house shop; 

- the amount of batteries, which can be used during the competition, is unlimited.

Judges will include representatives of VapeRussia, VAPE BUNKER, Pro Vape and ViVA la Cloud.

The contest will be conducted according to the following regulations:

The registration will last from the beginning of the event till the end of coil building.
Coil building should be completed within 20 minutes before the competition.  
There will be a ruler on the wall, in front of which participants will blow clouds. Couple by couple will take part in the contest. Participants will stand opposite the ruler and blow vapor. A winner will be the one whose cloud will be bigger and denser.  
Marks will be absent. Every judge will vote by raising their hand for a participant they consider to be the best.   
After coil building completion, participants should place their devices separately and wait for their turn.
Before presentations of every participant couple, RDAs are checked on the ohmmeter.

Important to remember:

- it is necessary to follow judges’ rules at all stages of the contest;  

- comply with the rules of sports etiquette. Do not forget to shake your competitor’s hand before and after each round;

- violation of any requirements will lead to disqualification. 


Participants taking prizes will obtain the whole sets of new vaping accessories:

1st place – Subzero Shorty + Subzero RDA + Cotton Bacon + Anarchist WIRE + RONIN BOX.

2nd place – Switch MOD + Cotton Bacon + Anarchist Wire + RONIN BOX.

3rd place – JUX MOD by CC + Cotton Bacon + Anarchist Wire + RONIN BOX.

It will be an exciting battle where only the best candidates will become winners. So apply for the tournament and start preparations. Vapexpo Moscow Cloud Contest should become the most spectacular cloud chasing competition you’ve ever seen!    

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