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Everything and anything: results of VAPEXPO Moscow 2016
Everything and anything: results of VAPEXPO Moscow 2016

On December 9-10, Sokolniki ECC hosted the fourth international vape exhibition and conference – VAPEXPO Moscow 2016. The event was organized by Smile-Expo, the company with ten years of experience in holding such events.

VAPEXPO Moscow 2016 took three pavilions, hosting simultaneously the exhibition, b2b conference and show dedicated to the vape industry.

Please read the results of the first day.


Russian and foreign brands presented their new and well-known products: from simple RDAs to upmarket premium e-liquids.

Please refer to the “Photo” section in order to find out what industry novelties and legends were presented at stands and how unconventionally companies presented their brands.


The industry b2b conference was held traditionally, including international experts’ presentations highlighting relevant vape industry issues. You have already known the results of its first day and it’s time to get acquainted with the second day.

Taman Powell, the lecturer at Cardiff University, founder and CEO of Xolo, told about innovations on the vaping market and arising tasks of this segment.

Michael Young, Vape Emporium representative, and Ralph D. Vanderbeek, Sales Director at GoodCat laboratories, thoroughly described the situation and current business condition of the e-cig market in the USA and Great Britain .

Anton Belov, the political technologist, explained what excises policy the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation would follow in 2017 and why.

The presentation of Yuriy Grebenkin, the head of franchise at Vape Studio, was dedicated to franchising as a tool of scaling vape business.

Local vape shops representatives hung on every word of Aleksandr Varenikov, the owner of “Pari” shopping network, who gave tips on how to establish a federal network of vape shops.


The first day of VAPEXPO Moscow 2016 was spectacular and driving. Surely, you have already read this in the results of December 9. But the second day was even more spectacular!

DJ MAD LIMP and cool MC Max Larionov started the show program with top mixes. This day also included the main VAPEXPO event supported by such sponsors as Bomb Sause, Elysian Labs, Sub Ohm Innovations, Diamond Vapor and technical assistant from Vape Russia community – The World Series of Vaping, a cloud chasing championship with the prize pool of 200 000 rubles!

Participants could measure clouds with each other and compete for the main prize in one of two categories: biggest cloud men’s (up 80 kg) and biggest cloud men’s (81+ kg).

Winners were determined by juries, the team of real vape experts: Twisted Messes (legendary coil builder), Keith Fairman (organizer of the World Series of Vaping championship) and Dragosh (top reviewer, Fix_RB from VapersMD).

Besides, foxy girls from Why Not Show dance club presented guests their piquant performance.

The Massive Cloud Making, one more world event, took place at the end of the show program. All attendees, participants, and sponsors having devices and those being near the stage of VAPEXPO Moscow 2016 simultaneously blew off big vapor cloud deserved the Guinness Book of Records!

Smile-Expo, VAPEXPO Moscow 2016 organizers, expresses its gratitude for support to:

  • Liquid Guys Distribution – official sponsor of VAPEXPO;
  • Orion – diamond sponsor of the event;
  • GILLA producer – platinum sponsor;
  • SOSTAV brand – gold sponsor;
  • Local Vape – silver sponsor of the program;
  • for stylish bracelets and bright stage to SMOKE KITСHEN producer;
  • for fashionable caps and unique lanyards to Coil Art and;
  • for bright greeting and easy acquaintance, including the registration desk and badges to CHICAGO AIR and Pravilniy Vybor shop.

Generally, VAPEXPO Moscow 2016 was hot.

Do you want to join progressive vape community? This spring, March 4-5, 2015, Russia’s so called culture capital will host the greatest vape party – VAPEXPO Saint Petersburg! Obligatory attendance!

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