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XOMO presented new designs for EXO-Armor mod

XOMO has updated its device XOMO EXO-Armor. Now this powerful mod is available in new designs: there are a couple of stylish bright colors and a model in the style of Captain America.

XOMO presented new designs for EXO-Armor mod - 1

Those who follow the news, may remember reviews on XOMO EXO-Armor 300W, released a month and a half ago. The device was immediately marked as interesting and unusual: when developing the design, guys from XOMO once again confirmed their fame of ‘vaping freaks’.
Ergonomics is not the strongest suite of XOMO EXO-Armor, but its design and features are excellent. The mod looks like something between a part of exo-armor and a spaceship. In general, fans of science fiction will definitely appreciate it.

It has a chip from Yihi; powerful batteries (2x18650), giving output power up to 300W; built-in protection against low and high resistance, overheating, short circuit, as well as incorrect polarity and overcharging.

The connector is located on the side, but there are no problems with the atomizers fixing. Users also note convenient large display, located in the center of the case.
When released XOMO EXO 300W had two designs, both of which were included in the box along with the mod. Users were able to choose panels for the case on their own and install them literally in a second: they are attached with magnets.


XOMO presented new designs for EXO-Armor mod - 2

Now XOMO EXO has three more designs, so this device will be appreciated not only by fans of Star Wars, but also those of Marvel and Asian pop culture.

Specifications of the mod:
Dimensions: 90x67x35 mm
Weight: 300 g
Case material: plastic, acrylic glass, zinc alloy
Power supply: 2x18650
Chip: Yihi SX550J
Output power: up to 300 W
Voltage: 1.0-9.5 V
Resistance: 0.1-3.0 Ω / TC 0.05-1.0 Ω
Modes: POWER, TC (NI200, SS, TI), TCR
Temperatures: 100-315 ℃
Display: color, HD
Charge current: 2A, there is a micro-USB port

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The ticket price starts from 200 RUB if buying on the website ►►► 



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